Staff, Elders and Volunteer Leaders

  • Martin VanBeek

    Mart is the owner of a dairy farm in Monroe, and serves on our oversight team in his spare time. He is married to Amy and likes grand-parenting his 3 wonderful grandkids.

  • Joshua VanTil

    Josh is our head pastor and community architect. He hails from Michigan originally and loves board games, fly fishing, his wife and kids, and watching the sun set over Mary's peak from his home in Philomath. Josh is passionate about discipleship, loving the city, and helping people engage in worshipping God.

  • Leanne Nikkel

    Leanne is part of our oversight team. She is the proud grandma of four grandchildren, and the parent of three grown and married children with her husband Eric. She loves being a "retired" at home mom, gardening, animals, and craft work. She volunteers with Love In The Name of Christ and Renew Church and has a passion for helping others know Jesus fully. 

  • John Vandehey

    Originally from Mcminnville Oregon, John is now retired and spends his days  gardening, reading, doing puzzles, and hiking and backpacking with his wife Connie. John serves on our Oversight team. 

  • Anna Colvin

    Anna is our director of children's ministry and has been attending Renew since the doors opened on Easter Sunday of 2012. She has a degree in Elementary Education from Northwest Christian College and is currently homeschooling her two daughters. Anna enjoys reading, sewing, crafts, and volunteering here at Renew. 

  • Amy VanBeek

    By day Amy is a 2nd grade public school teacher, but in her spare time she leads the prayer ministry here at renew. She lives in Monroe on a dairy farm with her husband, Mart, two adopted children, her daughter in law, and three amazing grandchildren. She loves boardgames, tennis, and sharing life with people. Amy loves leading others in prayer because of the miracles she's seen, and the deep need she feels for Jesus in her own life. 

  • Gayla Giles

    Gala is our women's ministry director and a regroup leader with her husband (and best friend) Lance. She lives on a small farm in south Corvallis where she harvests blueberries and filberts. Gala has two children and five grandchildren and loves family gatherings, cooking for anybody who likes to eat, quilting, and reading.